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Spirit and Sin believes in the fundamental importance of getting dressed. What we choose to wear functions as its own sort of instant language, communicating truths about where we’re from, who we are, and where we’re going. 


So, how can garments that best equip us best tell our stories, and leave our individual marks on the world? Spirit and Sin exists to examine this question, and its many potential answers, through considered, inspired, and intentional clothing design.


Spirit and Sin holds that garments should celebrate quality, movement, seamlessness, agility, and timelessness. They should allow their wearer space to embody their unique vision of expression, aspiration, and ambition. Clothing is a tool to help allow an individual, and their unique fiber, shine through and reach the world. Our philosophy is one of multiplicity—there are no singular readings, unchanging perspectives, static identities, or rigid conceptions of self.


Founded by Alesana Pereira, Spirit and Sin originates from unorthodox beginnings. Alesana (Sana) is a dyed in the wool Kiwi, part Samoan and born and raised in New Zealand. Since leaving the island, he’s jet-setted overseas, calling everywhere from London to Toronto home. The ethos and ambitions of Spirit and Sin derive from the perspective Sana collected growing up mixed-race on an island that much of the garment industry—not to mention, the rest of the world—can all too easily count out.  


At the heart of every Spirit and Sin garment is a celebration of the pursuit of ambition, dreams, and liberation—a desire to elevate every single person and help them push the limit, no matter their creed, ethnicity, or place of origin. 


Spirit and Sin International - For the Dreamers and the Dream Chasers